Baclofen Intrathecal Pump

About this Surgery

Used to treat: Spasticity/Multiple Sclerosis

In cases of severe spasticity, an intrathecal baclofen pump may be implanted.  This is a precise, targeted treatment proven to reduce severe spasticity.  The pump and catheter are surgically placed beneath the skin.  The pump dispenses baclofen according to a prescribed dosage.

Possible surgical complications include infection, meningitis, spinal fluid leak, paralysis, headache, swelling, bleeding, and bruising.

Please keep in mind that all treatments and outcomes are specific to the individual patient. Results may vary. Complications, such as infection, blood loss, and bowel or bladder problems are some of the potential adverse risks of surgery. Please consult your physician for a complete list of indications, warnings, precautions, adverse events, clinical results and other important medical information.